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#068 Yuki no Hi [Snowy day]

33.0cl 7.7% Hazy IPA

BBD 12/23

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    Yuki no Hi is a unique hazy IPA with a 7.7% ABV that will delight any craft beer enthusiast. The name of this raw ale is reminescent of the snowy day when it was canned. The use of magnum hops for bittering creates a smooth and pleasant taste, while the addition of Centennial, Citra, Loral, Mosaic, and Columbus hops during dry hopping provides an explosion of citrus, tropical fruit, and floral aromas that will tantalize your senses.

    One of the most notable features of Yuki no Hi is its aroma. The dry hopping process infuses the beer with an array of scents, including notes of grapefruit, orange, lime, and passion fruit. The use of Loral hops provides a delicate floral fragrance that perfectly complements the citrus and tropical fruit notes. The aroma is so intense that you can almost taste the flavors before you take a sip.

    This hazy IPA also has a refreshing twist of Setouchi lemon juice that adds a tangy flavor to the mix. The Liberty Bell yeast, known for its clean finish, completes the experience by providing a smooth and crisp mouthfeel. Whether you're savoring Yuki no Hi on a warm summer day or enjoying it on a chilly winter evening, this raw ale will transport your taste buds to a new level of craft beer excellence.

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    eau malt d'ORGE houblons LEVURE malt de BLÉ flocons d'AVOINE malt d'AVOINE jus de citron "Seto"
    HOPS: Citra Columbus Mosaic Centennial Magnum Loral
    YEAST: Liberty Bell


    No, I'm not a brewer.
    No, I don't brew.
    No, I can't follow a recipe.

    And here I am with a hobby that takes more and more time and scope:
    Here each beer is unique, brewed only once, some will be prototypes others will be moves of changes, and surely there will also be dissatisfactions. Ideally I only brew what I can not buy, with over the seasons KM0 ingredients, or on whims or according to my mood. And surely there will be room for unclassifiable beers but also for more "classic" things.

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