#011 Vin d'Orge 2022

33.0cl 8.8% Barley Wine

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Style: Strong Ale
Color: Cuivrée
Brewery: MUGI[dot]Beer
Country: Switzerland
Format: Bottle
Taste: Bitter sweet
Fermentation: High

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The "Vin d'orge 2022" is an English barley wine with an alcohol content of 8.8%. It has a beautiful copper color and is aged for at least 6 months before bottling. This beer was brewed only with barley malt and dark candi sugar. Styrian Bobek hops were used for bitterness, aroma, and taste. The classic English S-04 yeast was used for fermentation.

Barley wine is a British beer style that is characterized by a high alcohol content and a dark color. The "Vin d'orge 2022" is a perfect example of this category of beers. Malty notes dominate, with a sweet flavor and aromas of dried fruits. Styrian Bobek hops add a subtle and balanced bitterness that complements the flavors of malt and sugar perfectly.

The aging process of this beer allows its flavors to develop and round out. After at least 6 months of aging, the "Vin d'orge 2022" is ready to be enjoyed in all its complexity. This beer is ideal for lovers of strong and flavorful beers, as well as for beer collectors who want to add a unique bottle to their collection.

the recipe


water BARLEY malt hops YEAST candi sugar
HOPS: Styrian Bobek


No, I'm not a brewer.
No, I don't brew.
No, I can't follow a recipe.

And here I am with a hobby that takes more and more time and scope:
Here each beer is unique, brewed only once, some will be prototypes others will be moves of changes, and surely there will also be dissatisfactions. Ideally I only brew what I can not buy, with over the seasons KM0 ingredients, or on whims or according to my mood. And surely there will be room for unclassifiable beers but also for more "classic" things.

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