#091 Verger de Baies [berii kajuen]

33.0cl 4.0% Fruited Sour Ale 03/2024

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Style: Wild/Sour
Color: Rouge
Brewery: MUGI[dot]Beer
Country: Switzerland
Format: Can
Taste: Sweet sour
Fermentation: Hybrid

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Verger de Baies is a fruited sour ale with an alcohol content of 4%. It is brewed with barley malt, wheat malt, and some oats flakes. Centennial hops are added during the mash, but there is no boil. The beer is fermented with Philly Sour yeast for fruity esters and a smooth sour taste. A blend of fruits and veggies (apples, beets, grapes, black carrots, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries) is added during secondary fermentation for intense fruity flavor.

The brewing process for Verger de Baies starts with a combination of malts and oats flakes for a smooth and silky texture. Centennial hops are added during the mash for a subtle bitterness and citrus notes. The beer is then fermented with Philly Sour yeast for fruity notes and a light acidity. During secondary fermentation, a blend of fresh fruits and veggies is added for an explosion of berry and red fruit flavors.

Verger de Baies is a fruity and refreshing sour beer with an intense flavor of berries and red fruits. It is brewed with high-quality ingredients and a careful brewing process to offer a unique taste experience. This beer is perfect for beer lovers who are looking for something different and exciting to try.


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water BARLEY malt hops YEAST beetroot WHEAT malt GRAPES cassis raspberry STRAWBERRY CARROT OATS flakes apple blueberry
HOPS: Centennial
YEAST: Philly