The Gollion brewery


The Anecdote

No, I am not a brewer.
No, I don't brew.
No, I can't follow a recipe.
And on a whim, I made my first spontaneously fermented beer, without a recipe, without planning, and without equipment. 

The Open Source

Having written my thesis on open source 15 years ago, I decided that all my beer recipes would be open source, so that anyone who is interested could take it, try it, and improve it.  

The Brewery

All my brews will be ephemeral, mainly created to quench my own curiosity, with unusual ingredients, rare styles, forgotten techniques...      

The Beers

Made in small batches,
sometimes in bottles,
sometimes in kegs,
sometimes available in the shop,
sometimes not..   

Fabrizio Capellino January 1, 2022
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