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#057 What does your soul look like?

33.0cl 8.5% Tripel 03/2024

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Style: Strong Ale
Color: Blonde
Brewery: MUGI[dot]Beer
Country: Switzerland
Format: Bottle
Taste: Bitter sweet
Fermentation: High

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Get ready to experience a unique and soulful trip with MUGI.Beer's #057 What does your soul look like? This Tripel style beer is brewed with the finest ingredients, including Styrian Bobek hops, Voss Kveik and Farmhouse yeast, and a special technique that gives it a distinct Belgian flair. With an alcohol content of 8.5%, this beer is not for the faint of heart.

As you take a sip of this golden beauty, you'll be hit with a complex aroma that's both floral and spicy. The blend of hops and yeast creates a fruity fragrance with hints of citrus and banana, which pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the malt. But it's the taste that really sets this beer apart. The first sip is smooth and refreshing, with a subtle bitterness that builds up and lingers on your tongue. You'll detect notes of honey, caramel, and a hint of clove, all wrapped up in a well-balanced and full-bodied taste.

But what really makes this beer special is the story behind it. MUGI.Beer brewed #057 What does your soul look like? with a specific trip to Belgium in mind, taking inspiration from the rich brewing traditions of this iconic beer-loving country. The brewery's dedication to craft and attention to detail shine through in every sip, making this beer a must-try for any beer enthusiast looking for something truly unique.

In summary, #057 What does your soul look like? from MUGI.Beer is a deliciously complex and well-crafted Tripel style beer that's sure to delight your senses. With its carefully selected ingredients and brewing process, this beer delivers a truly soulful experience that you won't forget anytime soon. So why not take a sip and see what your soul looks like?


water BARLEY malt hops YEAST cane sugar
HOPS: Styrian Bobek
YEAST: Voss kveik Lalbrew Farmhouse