#085 ROKU Citra Loral

33.0cl 1.0% Golden Ale 02/2024

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Style: Pale Ale
Color: Claire
Brewery: MUGI[dot]Beer
Country: Switzerland
Format: Bottle
Taste: Sweet
Fermentation: Mixed

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ROKU Citra Loral is a light and refreshing golden ale with a low alcohol content of only 1%. This beer is brewed with Citra and Loral hops added during the mash, without boiling. It is then fermented with BRY-97 yeast, which gives it a balanced hop aroma and a low body and carb content.

The combination of Citra and Loral hops gives this beer a fruity and floral note, with hints of citrus and peach, which complement the low alcohol and body content perfectly. This beer is perfect for those who are looking for a light and flavorful drink, with a prominent hop flavor.

ROKU Citra Loral is an ideal beer for a hot and sunny day, to enjoy with friends or on your own. With its low alcohol and carb content, it is the perfect drink for those who are looking to refresh themselves without sacrificing taste. Order this unique beer now and discover its balanced aroma and delicious flavor.


water BARLEY malt hops YEAST WHEAT malt
HOPS: Citra Loral Warrior