#094 Crépuscule Ambré

33.0cl 11.5% Quadrupel end of the world

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Style: Strong Ale
Color: Brune
Brewery: MUGI[dot]Beer
Country: Switzerland
Format: Bottle
Taste: Sweet sour
Fermentation: High

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Introducing #094 Crépuscule Ambré, a Quadrupel crafted by MUGI.Beer in the picturesque landscapes of Gollion, Switzerland. Prepare to embark on a sensory journey with this exceptional brew that marries tradition and innovation in a single bottle.

In the creation of this magnificent beer, MUGI.Beer has taken inspiration from the classic Belgian dark strong ale style. However, they have infused it with their own unique touch, resulting in a libation that is truly one of a kind. Paying homage to the enchanting twilight hours, Crépuscule Ambré radiates with warmth and complexity.

The brewing process is an artful dance, involving a blend of three exceptional yeasts: Farmhouse, Voss Kveik, and Hornindal Kveik. This harmonious trio weaves their magic, creating a symphony of flavors and aromas that will captivate your senses. With a higher alcohol content of 11.5%, this Quadrupel boasts an extraordinary depth that unfolds with every sip.

As you uncork the bottle, an alluring bouquet greets your senses. The aroma of #094 Crépuscule Ambré is an intricate tapestry, woven with delicate notes of caramel, toasted malt, and dried fruits. Each inhale invites you to delve deeper into the beer's enchanting secrets, igniting anticipation for the flavors that lie ahead.

Upon your first sip, a medley of flavors dances upon your palate. Rich toffee and molasses blend harmoniously with the subtle sweetness of dark fruits, reminiscent of plum and raisins. The complex malt profile delivers a velvety smoothness, while a gentle bitterness lingers, imparted by the carefully selected Willemette hops. A touch of spice, courtesy of the aromatic Styrian Golding hops, adds an intriguing layer to the beer's character.

Allow yourself to be transported by the history and craftsmanship behind #094 Crépuscule Ambré. Inspired by the twilight skies and crafted with passion, this Quadrupel is a testament to the ingenuity of MUGI.Beer. Whether savored on a serene evening or shared among friends, each bottle promises a remarkable experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Indulge in the allure of the #094 Crépuscule Ambré, an embodiment of the artistry and dedication that defines MUGI.Beer. Elevate your craft beer journey and embrace the mystique of this exceptional brew, steeped in tradition yet brimming with innovative flair.


water BARLEY malt hops YEAST WHEAT flakes OATS flakes candi sugar
HOPS: Willamette Styrian Goldings
YEAST: Voss kveik Lalbrew Farmhouse Hornindal Kveik