#078 Kibana Suzushiro [Roquette]

33.0cl 7.4% Gruit Beer 01/2025

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Style: Specialty
Color: Dorée
Brewery: MUGI[dot]Beer
Country: Switzerland
Format: Bottle
Taste: Bitter sweet
Fermentation: Mixed

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Introducing Kibana Suzushiro, a craft gruit ale like no other. Made with our garden's freshest rucola, this beer is a unique take on the traditional ale. With a bold alcohol content of 7.4%, Kibana Suzushiro is not for the faint of heart. It is brewed using a single Vienna malt, but three different yeasts were added to the mix - Farmhouse, ESPE kveik, and Voss kveik - giving it a complex flavor profile that is unmatched.

One of the standout features of Kibana Suzushiro is its cooked rucola aroma and taste. The rucola is harvested at the peak of freshness and carefully added to the brewing process, resulting in a beer that has a distinct herbal scent. The taste is equally as impressive, with a slightly bitter, earthy flavor that is both refreshing and complex. The absence of hops is barely noticeable, as the rucola provides a unique, delicious flavor that is sure to leave an impression.

At our brewery, we pride ourselves on our adherence to old brewing techniques. In the case of Kibana Suzushiro, we skipped the boiling step, which allows the natural flavors of the rucola to shine through. This beer is truly one of a kind and is sure to please anyone who is looking for a bold, unique brew. Try Kibana Suzushiro today and experience the unmatched flavor and aroma of our brewed rucola. 

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water BARLEY malt YEAST arugula
YEAST: Voss kveik Lalbrew Farmhouse Espe Kveik